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Customer Letters

Please note, the following Customer Letters, in electronic format, do not replace the print version that you receive from your local Canadian Blood Services site. The print version must be retained as your file copy.

* The contents of the customer letters available on this site are current as of their dates of publication. If required, please contact the Canadian Blood Services staff member identified within the letters or contact your local Hospital Liaison Specialist to determine if the letter is still current.

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Contact Lists Referenced in Customer Letters Effective Date
Medical Directors July 2012
Medical Directors July 2012
Hospital Liaisons 2008-02-01

Letter # Date Title
2014-16 2014-09-29 ACTION REQUIRED
Red cell inventory advisory and request for hospital inventory reporting

2014-15 2014-09-25 INFORMATION ONLY
Hospital Adverse Reaction Reporting to Canadian Blood Services

2014-14 2014-09-22 INFORMATION ONLY
O Rh negative Red Blood Cell Utilization and Inventory Management Best Practices

2014-13 2014-09-18 INFORMATION ONLY
Revised Shelf life and Storage Requirements NiaStase RT®

Customer Letter

2014-12 2014-08-27 INFORMATION ONLY
Implementation of a National Hospital Customer Feedback Form


2014-11 2014-07-24 INFORMATION ONLY
Important Information Regarding Indication for use of Privigen® for CIDP

CSL Behring Letter

2014-10 2014-07-21 INFORMATION ONLY
NAC Companion Document to: “Red Blood Cell Transfusion:
A Clinical Practice Guideline from the AABB”

2014-09 2014-07-04 INFORMATION ONLY
UPDATE to the Investigation into IGIVnex® (Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human), 10%) Lots: Quarantined and Recalled

Grifols Letter

2014-08 2014-06-12 INFORMATION ONLY
Revised Recommendations for the Use of Prothrombin Complex Concentrates

2014-07 2014-05-15 INFORMATION ONLY
Improvements to the Blood and Plasma Protein Products Return Process

2014-06 2014-05-12 INFORMATION ONLY
Short Dated Product Process

2014-05 2014-04-22 Action Required
(not applicable for hospitals in the provinces of British Columbia and Manitoba)

Blood Component and Product Disposition System Implementation

2014-04 2014-04-17 INFORMATION ONLY
Launch of Corifact 250 and Corifact 1250 (Factor XIII Concentrate, Human)

Corifact 250 and Corifact 1250 (Factor XIII Concentrate, Human) Letter

2014-03 2014-03-24 INFORMATION ONLY
IGIVnex® (Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human), 10%) Lots: Quarantined and Recalled

Grifols update letter

2014-02 2014-02-20 INFORMATION ONLY
Upgrade of Blood Group Genotyping to Progenika ID CORE XT Assay

Red Blood Cells Typing Report

2014-01 2014-02-18 INFORMATION ONLY
Important Information Regarding Availability of Immune Globulin Products for 2014-2015

Octagam® 10%

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